Site & Social Media upgrades

This weekend we've added quite a few online features and upgrades to the GSLC website:

  1. Events Calendar to promote public sales/fairs or specials.
  2. Persistent Cart - any items you add to your cart will sync across all of your devices.
  3. Instagram feed at the bottom of the main page on the website.
  4. Custom invoices/packing slips for every shipped order
  5. Product reviews - See what previous customers think of the items they've purchased, both good or bad. We won't hide or edit any public reviews.
These are just a few examples of how we plan to provide you with the most customer friendly website and purchase pipeline we can. YOU are our priority. Without you we wouldn't exist. If you would like to see new features, *please* let us know. You can email us directly at "". We welcome any and all feedback and suggestions.