The Acid Dragon

The Acid Dragon

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For eons the winged dragons ruled the skies, but during that same period it was their smaller, more agile cousins who took dominion on the ground. These smaller dragons were also much more amiable to alliances with the other earth bound races, the humans being their most treasured of all. It was the Acid Dragons who bore human warriors into battle. It was also the acid dragons who perished along side the humans when victory was fleeting and defeat was assured.

As a symbol of their loyalty, each Dragon adorned their rider with a fragment of scales. Wearing this piece of armament protected the brave warrior from the devastating effects of the dragons own acid laden venom, which they cast forth on the battle field like acid rain upon their enemies. Anyone touched by even a drop of this venom was consumed in a burning acid bath until nothing but their charred corpse remained.

This item is a pristine example of the scale fragment. It's bearer and his dragon lived for centuries protecting both man, and dragonkind until their restful slumber was granted by the Dragon King, Aeonus. The fragment was passed down from generation to generation, and here it is today for your viewing pleasure. Only true warriors are worthy, only true warriors are due.

Are you a true Acid Dragon Warrior?

Disclaimer : Due to the unique nature of hand crafted items, variations in wood grains or in natural leather thickness, cuts and subtle differences in dye patterns, some items may be slightly different than what is shown in the photograph. This aspect adds to each items uniqueness and guarantees that no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. You will truly have a one of a kind item; One that friends will envy from the moment they see it.

** This may or may not apply depending on materials used (such as acrylic and/or LED bases), but most of our items can be considered unique and one of a kind due to the characteristics mentioned above.